Get a 6.7% yield from British-American Tobacco plc

Get a 6.7% yield from British-American Tobacco plc

A Member of Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle recently asked for his advice on one of the world’s leading tobacco manufacturing, distribution and sales companies as it further expands into vaping products.

Pat notes that “sin stocks,” in general, have delivered steady returns despite ever-tightening government restrictions… Read More

… but may have a place in many portfolios

As mentioned on the previous page, many investors have moved out of emerging markets, given their poor performance over the past decade. However, emerging market fundamentals are improving, and we think that most investors could include a small portion of emerging market ETFs in a.. Read More

Emerging markets have above-average risks

Emerging market stocks have lagged the performance of developed markets over the better part of the past decade. But they may now offer better investment value and better growth prospects than some of their developed-market counterparts. That’s still only for a small part of your… Read More

These new ETFs cater to investor hopes

The best ETFs generally provide cheap, well-diversified investment vehicles for long-term investors. However, to capitalize on short-term investor fads or perceptions, many ETF providers continue to launch “innovative” new funds.
DIREXION MSCI EMERGING OVER DEVELOPED MARKET ETF $52.30 (New York symbol RWED) lets investors bet… Read More

Cutting risk can cut emerging market gains

Some ETFs promote a “scientific” strategy designed to cut their risk without cutting their gains.
Computer modelling is such an approach sound. In our view, though, it’s likely to detract from long-term returns. That’s what happens with many funds that use a so-called “black box” to… Read More

Emerging market spotlight: Brazil focuses on recovery

Brazil’s economy continues its slow recovery after a major recession in 2015-2016. That’s when the economy contracted 7% over that two-year period. Ongoing turmoil—the impeachment of president Dilma Rousseff in May 2016, corruption scandals for a major corporation, volatile commodity prices, and high inflation—kept the… Read More

They tap emerging-market potential

Many emerging markets seen slower growth lately. That’s because a growing U.S. economy and rising interest rates have pushed up the U.S. dollar. This typically results in capital flowing to the U.S. from emerging markets. That hurts investments in those economies. Even so, many emerging… Read More