Hi Pat: I wonder if you could give your readers a little bit of "plain speak" on the new deal with Denison Mines and Energy Fuels Inc. It sounds like a convoluted mess, or maybe it's just a bad press release that doesn't explain things very well. In short, is this a good, bad or ugly thing for Denison Mine stock holders? Thanks much. Your advice is always heeded!

Energy Fuels Inc., $0.24, symbol EFR on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 214.3 million; Market cap: $51.4 million; www.energyfuels.com), is buying the U.S. assets of Denison Mines Corp., $1.44, symbol DML on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 384.7 million; Market cap: $554.0 million; www.denisonmines.com), for $106 million in Energy… Read More