These ETFs help cut your commodity risk

Commodities can help diversify portfolios, but are cyclical and come with high levels of price volatility.
However, well-diversified ETFs that offer exposure to commodity producers can help investors overcome the problems associated with direct investments in physical commodities or funds that track a single commodity.
Below, we… Read More

ETFs can offer big cost savings over mutual funds

ETFs have two major advantages over traditional mutual funds.
First, they are easy to trade on stock exchanges, which gives them better liquidity.
Second, and perhaps more important, ETFs provide a low-cost investment option. In many cases, they also have superior performance results compared to mutual funds,… Read More

Hedge your bets in the technology industry

The technology industry can be extremely profitable—for those companies that get it right. However, the industry is dynamic and highly competitive, leaving a graveyard full of failed startups and once successful companies that were overtaken by competitors. Investors in this segment need to be extremely… Read More

Outlook is bright for big exporter Germany

Germany faces a number of challenges—its population is getting older and its workforce will start to shrink from 2020 onwards. In addition, its largest export markets, including the U.S. and the U.K., are less and less willing to run large trade deficits with Germany. However,… Read More

Global recovery ushers in new opportunities

Most Canadian investors focus on stocks traded in this country and the U.S. That “home country bias” reflects their preference for familiar company names, but also the regulatory protections of Canadian and U.S. stock markets. However, we continue to recommend foreign holdings of as much… Read More

The best way to invest in France’s recovery

The May 2017 election of Emmanuel Macron as France’s new president ushered in a turnaround for the French stock market. Even so, the young leader will have to work hard to implement the tough reforms needed to further lift the French economy out of stagnation… Read More