Activist Investing Strategies aim to Boost Shareholder Value

Activist Investing Strategies aim to Boost Shareholder Value

Hedge funds and others using activist investing strategies can push companies to higher levels of profit and efficiency
In general, activist investing strategies are used by hedge funds and other large investors, or groups of investors, in an individual company to push the firm to boost… Read More

The Bottom-Up Investing Approach is better than Top-Down Investing

Investors practicing bottom-up investing focus on a company’s fundamentals, and not predictions of what may happen in an industry or the economy
We think that most investors are far better off with “bottom-up investing” as opposed to “top-down investing.” Bottom-up is where you look closely at… Read More

Value Investing Fundamentals Include Hidden Assets and More

There are a variety of value investing fundamentals that savvy investors look for when picking stocks, including hidden assets
There are numerous reasons why a value stock can be underappreciated and inexpensive. One common reason is a company may have temporarily experienced reduced sales due to… Read More