Here are some ways to assess an ETF’s risk

Investors looking for ETF gains—but with the least amount of risk—should ask these three key questions:
Is the ETF well diversified?
ETF portfolios that are well-diversified typically are less volatile and have a lower risk of capital loss.
There are three common ways that equity ETFs can diversify… Read More

Remember chasing high yields carries risk

Low interest rates have pushed income-seeking investors to search for high yield outside of traditional fixed-income investments. For many of these investors, stocks with high yields look increasingly attractive—and the best of those stocks (or ETFs that hold them) are buys for current income, as… Read More

Pros & cons of how dividend ETFs pick stocks

Companies that pay regular and growing dividends have performed very well over time compared to broad market indices.
A simple strategy capitalizing on that is to select ETFs holding stocks with a long history of uninterrupted dividend growth such as represented by the S&P 500 Dividend… Read More

Q: Hi, Pat. I am wondering about investing in the Horizons Seasonal Rotation ETF. What are your thoughts on this ETF as an investment? Thanks.

A: The Horizons Seasonal Rotation ETF, $22.15, symbol HAC on Toronto (Units outstanding: 13.1 million; Market cap: $290.2 million;, is an example of an ETF that shows a wide disparity between its holding and the investments that the sales literature describes.

For example, this ETF aims… Read More