Currency hedging comes at a cost with ETFs

Currency hedging comes at a cost with ETFs

Any currency volatility can send investors hunting for hedged ETFs. But the extra costs limit the appeal of currency hedging.
If you want to buy U.S. stocks and hedge against the U.S. dollar’s movements against the Canadian dollar, you could buy a hedged ETF like the… Read More

Two stocks with strong prospects ahead

The coronavirus pandemic forced the cancellation of most vacation plans. However, the reopening of the economy is spurring strong demand for travel—and Wyndham should benefit from that surge. Meanwhile, Twilio prospered during the pandemic, but its share price has come down lately. Still, we like… Read More

Twilio is a leader in a burgeoning market

Twilio benefited from increased demand during the pandemic. But its business model and leading-edge technology also set it up for longer-term success. We recommend this stock as a Power Buy.
TWILIO INC., $203.69, is a buy. The company (Nasdaq symbol TWLO; TSINetwork Rating: Extra Risk) (; Shares outstanding: 168.4 million;… Read More