These three buys let you tap online growth

The COVID-19 pandemic forced individuals and businesses to move many of their activities online. That shift has helped lift these three leading technology firms to new highs. We continue to hold a high opinion of their prospects, but only aggressive investors should consider buying them… Read More

Profit from the work-from-home trend

The shift to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic has helped boost the shares of these two software makers. Their products help connect workers and guard confidential data. We feel the shares will move higher still. However, you should only consider them as suitable… Read More

FICO adapts for today’s borrowers

FAIR ISAAC CORP. $431.25 (New York symbol FICO; TSINetwork Rating: Average) (; Shares outstanding: 29.0 million; Market cap: $12.6 billion; No dividends paid) in response to rising unemployment due to COVID-19, recently launched the FICO Resilience Index. It’s similar to its FICO Scores, which lenders use to make… Read More