Retirement investing

Retirement investing

What is retirement investing?
Retirement investing is the process of investing money in stocks or other securities, often with the goal of using the funds to pay for living expenses in retirement.
One of the things that investors of all ages fear is that they won’t have… Read More

What’s the difference between financial planning and portfolio management?

Portfolio management involves choosing investments. Financial planning focuses arranging your affairs to cut your taxes.

When investors are considering hiring us to manage their portfolios through Successful Investor Wealth Management Inc., they sometimes ask about the difference between financial planning and portfolio management.

It’s a good question… Read More

What is Pat's commentary for the week of March 25, 2014?

Here’s the text of the quarterly letter I recently sent to our Portfolio Management clients:

“Many investors today feel uneasy about the future value of the U.S. dollar. The dollar is the key to the world monetary system. But its value is at the mercy of… Read More

How to make the most of your retirement investing

These days, many investors who are approaching retirement worry that their retirement investing won’t generate enough income once they’ve stopped working.

We recommend that you base your retirement planning on a sound financial plan. Here are the 4 key variables that your plan should address… Read More