Q: Hi, Pat. I’m looking for some help here. What has the biggest impact on pipeline companies such as TransCanada and Enbridge: The evolution of interest rates or the evolution of oil and natural gas prices? And in terms of sectors, are pipeline operators more resource stocks or utilities? Thank you.

A: A range of factors—both industry-wide and company specific—affect pipeline stocks.

In general, pipelines have dropped lately along with the market. But their stock prices have also been hurt by investor concerns over rising interest rates. As rates rise, utilities are perceived to suffer because they… Read More

Major central banks reduce their gold

A central bank is usually the designated investment manager of a country’s reserve assets. It effectively invests on behalf of the country and its citizens. Its key objective is to preserve the value of the assets and to insure against severe financial crises. Apart from… Read More

A Yield to Caution

SENIOR SECURED FLOATING RATE LOAN FUND $9.47 (Toronto symbol FRL.UN; Units o/s: 5.6 million; Market cap: $53.0 million; Dividend yield: 7.0%; www.fieracapital.com) is a closed-end fund that invests in senior secured floating-rate corporate bonds. The fund’s MER is 1.25%, and it trades at a slight discount to the value… Read More

Two companies feed this high-yielding dividend

Two companies feed this high-yielding dividend

Higher interest rates have recently helped to keep this utility’s share price down. That’s largely because this high-yielding stock competes with fixed-income investments for investor interest. 

However, increased economic activity often accompanies higher rates and that usually helps utilities. Plus this company recently acquired full control… Read More

BlackRock is the world’s biggest

With $6.3 trillion in total assets under management on March 31, 2018, BlackRock is the largest asset manager in the world. The firm started its operations in 1988 with eight employees, and listed on the New York stock exchange in 1999 with assets under management… Read More