REITs are bouncing back from COVID

Investors who owned marijuana or energy stocks in the first quarter of 2021 saw considerable gains for these investments. Other big winners in the first quarter were U.S. homebuilders, value stocks, financials, agricultural equities, and mid- and small-cap stocks.
Stocks had another good quarter. At the… Read More

COVID-19 challenged REIT ETFs

The speed of the March 2020 stock market decline, as well its rapid recovery to previous peaks, will rank high in the record books. For instance, the 34% drop for the S&P 500 took only 24 days while the recovery to its previous peak was… Read More

Boost your gains by keeping your fees low

High fees, often not directly visible to investors, can substantially lower investment returns over time. It is therefore key that investors carefully consider fees before deciding to buy an ETF or mutual fund.

The damaging effect of high fees
The following example demonstrates the outcome of a.. Read More

November: Good month for stocks

The month of November saw strong gains for stocks, commodities, and energy. This comes after the conclusion of the U.S. Presidential election and promising announcements from several pharmaceutical companies regarding COVID-19 vaccines.
At the broad market level, the Vanguard Total World Stocks ETF (VT) gained 10% in the… Read More

Where ETF money is flowing right now

In Canada, stock market ETFs continue to attract new money—almost $20 billion flowed into these products this year through to the end of October. Most of that money went to funds focused on international markets, excluding Canada and the U.S.
Fixed-income ETFs also attracted strong inflows… Read More

Most ETFs fell in October

The month of October saw declines in most asset classes, especially during the last trading week. That came after very strong gains for most assets starting in April.
Representing the broad global, U.S. and Canadian markets, the Vanguard Total World Stocks ETF (VT) lost 2.0%… Read More

Here are good and bad ways to cut risk

Diversification is a key way to reduce portfolio risk and volatility, but there are other strategies aimed at cutting portfolio risk and volatility. Those other methods include moving investments into risky assets at regular intervals and buying stocks gradually over time. And then there’s market… Read More