Q: Dear TSI team, could you share your opinion on WELL Health Technologies Corporation? My quick guess is that you will find it at best (highly) risky, but I’d still like to hear your valuable thoughts. Thank you!

A: WELL Health Technologies Corp., $1.68, symbol WELL on the Toronto Venture Exchange (Shares outstanding: 94.6 million; Market cap: $161.5 million; www.well.company), provides Electronic Medical Records software and services to a network of 852 medical clinics (of which it owns 19). It serves over 4,000 doctors… Read More

Choose Benefits Over Features

A basic rule of marketing is to “turn a feature into a benefit.” That is, you describe the feature so that it sounds as if it’s an actual benefit for the people you aim to sell to.

For example, hedge-fund marketers stress the fact that much… Read More