Q: Pat, I want to invest in Swiss stocks and was wondering what your thoughts are on Switzerland, in general, and the iShares MSCI Switzerland ETF, in particular? Thank you.

A: Switzerland has a strong economic system where the country’s revenue exceeds its expenses, so there is no deficit. That improves its self-reliance and the stability of its currency.

The country also has flexible labour markets, high productivity and an emphasis on high-value exports that are… Read More

Brazil needs to harness its huge potential

Several factors contributed to Brazil’s 2015-2016 recession, one of its worst: political turmoil, corruption at one of the country’s major corporations, volatile commodity prices, and high inflation. However, starting in 2017, the country has slowly emerged from that crisis. which is fuelling new hope for… Read More

Outlook is bright for big exporter Germany

Germany faces a number of challenges—its population is getting older and its workforce will start to shrink from 2020 onwards. In addition, its largest export markets, including the U.S. and the U.K., are less and less willing to run large trade deficits with Germany. However,… Read More

Norway looks to ease its energy dependence

An abundance of oil and natural gas resources has made Norway one of the wealthiest countries in the world. However, efforts are underway to diversify its economy beyond natural resources, and there are early signs of success.
Time will tell how complete or successful that transition… Read More

Economic reforms bolster this Indian ETF

India continues its impressive expansion, and remains one of the world’s top ten fastest growing economies.

The country’s major structural reforms, such as the introduction of a nationwide goods and services tax and better funding for state-owned banks, should further speed up growth for 2018… Read More