It pays you to be wary of new ETF issues

This month we consider two new high-interest savings ETFs, which compete with money market funds. We also offer you a look at a hedge fund ETF from AGF.
In our August 2019 issue, we initially analyzed high rate savings ETFs from Purpose Investments. Since then, the… Read More

Q: Pat, in the February issue of Canadian Wealth Advisor, you recommended the SPDR S&P 500 ETF. Why would this be better than the iShares XSP, which is hedged to the Canadian dollar. Are they not the same?

A: No one can consistently predict currency movements, but we still feel that most investors should remain invested in U.S. stocks. Note that even if the U.S. dollar should fall against the Canadian dollar, your U.S. stocks can still appreciate in value even while the… Read More

ETFs to invest in: 5 top tips for better ETF investing

ETFs to invest in: 5 top tips for better ETF investing

If you’re looking for ETFs to invest in for the best portfolio returns, then start your search with these five tips.

Here are five tips to use when considering ETFs to invest in.

1. The best ETFs to invest in practice “passive management”

Traditional ETFs are “passive”… Read More