Q: Can I get your recommendation on the new Definity Financial, trading on Toronto. Thank you.

A: Definity Financial Corp., $30.10, symbol DFY on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 115.9 million; Market cap: $3.5 billion; www.definityfinancial.com), is the new name for the holding company of Economical Insurance, Family Insurance Solutions, Petline Insurance, and Sonnet Insurance.

Definity was created as part of Economical Insurance’s demutualization… Read More

Insurance landscape favours Intact

Intact Financial dropped along with the market when COVID-19 first hit—the stock fell to as low as $104.81 in March 2020. But the shares have now rebounded 74% as investors again take note of Intact’s underlying business strength. We think this Power Buy is poised to keep… Read More