QUIZ: Do you know the RRIF rules that lead to greater profit?

QUIZ: Do you know the RRIF rules that lead to greater profit?

Discover how much you already know (or don’t know!) about RRIF rules and how this great tax-deferral opportunity can help you plan for your retirement
Like a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) can hold a range of investments. You don’t… Read More

Q: Pat, we really appreciate the research and information you and your team provide. Could you please give us your opinion on possible investment in Boston Pizza Royalties Fund (BPF-UN.TO)? Thanks.

A: Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund, $17.53, symbol BPF.UN on Toronto (Units outstanding: 21.8 million; Market cap: $382.2 million; www.bpincomefund.com), holds certain trademarks and trade names used by Boston Pizza International at its Boston Pizza restaurants in Canada (but not those in the U.S. and… Read More

These two industrials offer high yields

CHEMTRADE LOGISTICS INCOME FUND $9.68 (Toronto symbol CHE.UN; TSINetwork Rating: Speculative) (416-496-5856; www.chemtradelogistics.com; Units o/s: 92.6 million; Market cap: $872.3 million; Divd. yield: 12.4%) is one of the largest removal-service providers for resource firms that create acids and sulphur as byproducts. The trust converts (and… Read More

These high yields still look sustainable

H&R REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST $23 (Toronto symbol HR.UN; Cyclical-Growth Dividend Payer Portfolio, Manufacturing sector; Units o/s: 285.7 million; Market cap: $6.6 billion; Divd. yield: 6.0%; Divd. Sustainability Rating: Above Average; www.hr-reit.com) owns 35 office buildings, and 319 retail, 90 industrial and 22 residential properties. It also has… Read More

Enbridge moves to strengthen balance sheet

ENBRIDGE INC. $49 (Toronto symbol ENB; Conservative Growth and Income Portfolios, Utilities sector; Shares outstanding: 2.0 billion; Market cap: $98.0 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 2.1; Dividend yield: 6.0%; TSINetwork Rating: Above Average; www.enbridge.com) operates pipelines that pump oil and natural gas from Western Canada to eastern Canada and… Read More