A Yield to Caution

SENIOR SECURED FLOATING RATE LOAN FUND $9.47 (Toronto symbol FRL.UN; Units o/s: 5.6 million; Market cap: $53.0 million; Dividend yield: 7.0%; www.fieracapital.com) is a closed-end fund that invests in senior secured floating-rate corporate bonds. The fund’s MER is 1.25%, and it trades at a slight discount to the value… Read More

Two companies feed this high-yielding dividend

Higher interest rates have recently helped to keep this utility’s share price down. That’s largely because this high-yielding stock competes with fixed-income investments for investor interest. 

However, increased economic activity often accompanies higher rates and that usually helps utilities. Plus this company recently acquired full control… Read More

Are High-Yield Penny Stocks Worth Investing In?

Penny stocks are rarely the high-yield investments that some aggressive investors think they can be. Instead of putting too much money into penny stocks, investors will benefit the most by seeking shares of high-quality companies with a history of paying a consistent dividend
Penny stocks… Read More