New investment already up 58%

ALPHABET INC. remains your #1 Aggressive buy for 2020. The holding company (Nasdaq symbols GOOG $1,415 [class C: non-voting] and GOOGL $1,409 [class A: one vote per share]; Aggressive Growth Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares outstanding: 687.3 million; Market cap: $972.5 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 5.8; No… Read More

Let these stock updates help direct you

KONTOOR BRANDS INC. $25 is still a buy for aggressive investors. The stock (New York symbol KTB; Consumer sector; Shares outstanding: 56.9 million; Market cap: $1.4 billion; Dividend suspended; Takeover Target Rating: Medium; gives you a stake in this denim apparel maker and its increasingly popular “heritage” brands… Read More