3 key ETF Definitions for Investors

3 key ETF Definitions for Investors

Our key ETF definitions will help you better understand ETF investing
The simplicity of investing in ETFs holds a lot of appeal for many investors. We’ve compiled a list of ETF definitions so you can determine if ETFs are right for your portfolio.

What does ETF mean?

ETF… Read More

Make banks a cornerstone of your portfolio

Canada’s Big Five banks continue to generate healthy profits for you, their shareholders. That’s despite their move to set aside more funds to cover potentially bad loans should the economy sour. Higher loan-loss provisions have nonetheless slowed earnings growth for some of the banks although… Read More

Sustainability zeroes in on your top concerns

Sustainable Investing (“SI”) is the practice of including environmental, social and governance factors in investment decisions. It aims to combine lower risk holdings with improved portfolio returns, and to reflect sustainability in its investment strategy. At the same time, it uses traditional financial analysis and… Read More

New strategy gives BNS an edge

Canada’s big five banks remain well-positioned to weather downturns in the Canadian economy, contrary to pessimistic forecasts from some in the business media.
We like all five, but feel Bank of Nova Scotia is particularly appealing for new buying right now given the recent drop in… Read More