REIT Investing Is A Smart Way to Invest In Canadian Real Estate

REIT investing: Real estate investment trusts can provide you with a stable, profitable way of investing in real estate
Top-quality REITs are among the most stable and highest-yielding real estate investments. That’s because many REITs hold high-quality, non-depleting assets, and have taken advantage of low interest… Read More

Simple ways to cut your REIT risk

We feel the best way to cut your risk when investing in real estate investment trusts (REITs) is to focus on those with high-quality tenants that operate in a wide variety of industries. This could include office buildings or shopping centres.
That way, if a particular… Read More

Real Estate Investing Basics for Higher Long-Term Gains

These real estate investing basics aim to give you the information you need on these topics: real estate investment trusts (REITs), second homes in the Sunbelt as investments, and investing in timeshares
Real estate is property you can invest in and maybe make a profit on… Read More

Capital gains exemption and real estate investing

Capital gains exemption and real estate investing

Learn about capital gains exemption and REITs for real estate investing
Owning your house is a great tax shelter. That’s because gains on your principal residence involve a capital gains exemption. Note, though, that this benefit only applies to your principal residence. You must still pay… Read More