What is Pat’s commentary for the week of February 2, 2016

I recently exchanged investment ideas with an acquaintance who has worked in the investment business for the past several decades. After I explained how we choose stocks to recommend and how we manage client portfolios, he said,

“I completely agree! I diversify for each one… Read More

What is Pat’s commentary for the week of May 27, 2014?

On occasion, we come across an investment that provides a clear example of one or more investment principles. Global X Social Media ETF, which we analyze in this week’s first question, touches on several.

ETFs. Exchange traded funds are a relatively recent and benign investment innovation… Read More

What is Pat's commentary for the week of May 15, 2012?

Many people try to learn more about investing by gathering up loads of information. But you also need to learn how to absorb and organize your information, so that you recognize and remember the essential aspects of it. I’ve found that the best way to… Read More