A new pick for gains amid the crisis

This month, we’re adding a new stock for subscribers of Canadian Wealth Advisor. As a key supermarket chain in Canada, Metro Inc. is building on its strong market position to supply consumers with food and drugs during the COVID-19 outbreak. This should steady its sales… Read More

E-commerce gains just add to your prospects

Loblaw investors saw its e-commerce revenue top $1 billion in 2019. That’s almost double the retailer’s 2018 revenue, yet it represents just 2% of annual sales. The impressive growth online highlights the expanding prospects for investors but also Loblaw’s success in adapting to rapidly changing… Read More

DowDuPont split set to unlock value

Chemical giant DowDuPont continues to plan for its split into three new businesses, following last year’s big merger.
The stock has suffered in the past few months over concerns trade disputes could slow global growth. Cyclical industrial manufacturers, such as automakers, are the company’s major customers… Read More