Gain from Germany’s COVID-19 management

The German economy is the largest in Europe and ranks among the top five globally. The country was an early adopter of COVID-19 containment efforts—and its healthy fiscal situation before the pandemic has let it unleash substantial economic supports and a recovery package. All in… Read More

This top-five economy is still a buy despite export challenges

A low MER and a 2.8% dividend yield make this country-focused ETF worth considering, especially after a pullback based on recession and Brexit fears.

This ETF provides exposure to 65 top public companies in this highly industrialized Eurozone nation.

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ISHARES MSCI GERMANY ETF (New York symbol EWG)… Read More

Exports decide this German ETF’s success

The German economy is still the largest in Europe and ranks among the top-five globally. However, in the near term, it faces challenges as its all-important export industry deals with the U.K.’s threat to leave the European Union without a trade deal. It also faces… Read More

Outlook is bright for big exporter Germany

Germany faces a number of challenges—its population is getting older and its workforce will start to shrink from 2020 onwards. In addition, its largest export markets, including the U.S. and the U.K., are less and less willing to run large trade deficits with Germany. However,… Read More