These three stocks are now sells

Long-time readers know that we are constantly reevaluating our stock picks. Below are three stocks we think you should sell.

Two of these companies face problems that will weigh on them for the foreseeable future. The third is a thin-trading stock that has moved up recently… Read More


THE WESTAIM CORP. $0.71 has completed its purchase of Montreal-based Jevco Insurance Co. from Kingsway Financial Services Inc. (Toronto symbol KFS). Jevco sells insurance to high-risk drivers, as well as owners of motorcycles, snowmobiles and recreational vehicles. Jevco operates in Quebec and Ontario.

Westaim paid $264.2… Read More

Kingsway raises cash

KINGSWAY FINANCIAL SERVICES $1.70 (Toronto symbol KFS; SI Rating: Speculative) (905-629-7888;; Shares outstanding: 52.1 million; Market cap: $88.6 million; No dividends paid) has agreed to sell its Jevco Insurance Co. subsidiary for $263 million. This price does not include a $40-million dividend that Jevco… Read More