Closed-end switches…

ISHARES MSCI EMERGING MARKETS INDEX FUND $41.85 (New York symbol EEM) is a good subsititute for TEMPLETON EMERGING MARKETS FUND $19.70 (New York symbol EMF). Switch.

ISHARES MSCI SOUTH KOREA INDEX FUND $46.06 (New York symbol EWY) is a good replacement for KOREA FUND $34.16 (New… Read More

KOREA FUND $31.74 – New York symbol KF

KOREA FUND $31.74 (New York symbol KF; CWA Fund Rating: Speculative) is a closed-end fund that invests at least 80% of its assets in Korean equities. Currently, it is entirely invested in South Korean stocks. RCM Asia Pacific manages the fund.

Korea Fund’s top holdings are… Read More

Closed-end discounts cut your foreign risk

Investing outside of Canada and the U.S. can expose you to more volatility and risk. The sharp downturn in many foreign markets during the global recession proves this. But there are still countries and regions that offer lots of growth potential and opportunities for diversification.

We… Read More

Here are Four Foreign Closed-end Buys

Investing in regions or countries outside of Canada and the United States can entail above-average volatility and risk. But these areas can also offer vast potential growth.

We still think that for most investors, the best way to invest in those regions or countries is through… Read More

Five Foreign Closed-ends to Buy Now

SWISS HELVETIA FUND $16.02 (New York symbol SWZ; CWA Rating: Conservative) invests mainly in large-capitalization Swiss stocks. The manager of the fund is Hottinger Group, which, as Banque Hottinger, dates back to 1786.

The $621.9 million fund’s top holdings are Nestle SA (food & beverages), 13.4%;… Read More