Global X MSCI Greece ETF hands investors a 44.4% gain

Global X MSCI Greece ETF hands investors a 44.4% gain

As this historic European economy continues to emerge from a deep crisis exacerbated by austerity measures.

Although high government debt, non-performing loans, and high unemployment remain challenges, this country’s stock market is now a global leader and this ETF’s gains this year make it a.. Read More

A 4.2% yield makes iShares MSCI Italy ETF a buy

A 4.2% yield makes iShares MSCI Italy ETF a buy

The ETF holds 24 stocks and offers exposure to the financial, utility, energy, consumer cyclical, industrial, and telecommunications sectors.

The country’s political volatility and high debt are at least partially offset by the investment appeal of its top firms.
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Q: Hi, all. May I have TSI’s opinion on Stryker Corp.?

A: Stryker Corporation, $206.97, symbol SYK on New York (Shares outstanding: 373.1 million; Market cap: $76.8 billion;, is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies. The firm is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Stryker’s investors benefit from its three business segments:

The Orthopaedics segment (37% of total revenue)… Read More

Q: Pat, can I get your opinion on Crescita Therapeutics Inc. (CTX)? Based on its recent quarterly financial performance, I am interested in getting your insights. Also, what do you think of its recent cannabis deal? Thank you.

A: Crescita Therapeutics, $0.96, symbol CTX on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 21.0 million; Market cap: $20.1 million;, is a dermatology company with manufacturing capabilities, a portfolio of non-prescription skincare products for the treatment and care of skin conditions and diseases, and prescription drug products for… Read More

Q: Hi, all. I wonder what your thoughts are on Carnival Corporation. We only own 100 shares, but as we spend about a month a year with Princess, owning 100 shares gets us about $500 U.S. in spending credits on their cruises as a shareholder benefit. Plus, it has a nice, decent dividend. Thanks.

A: Carnival Corp., $44.68, symbol CCL on New York (Shares outstanding: 718.6 million; Market cap: $31.7 billion;, operates a fleet of 104 cruise ships worldwide and is based in Doral, Florida.

Carnival’s portfolio of cruise line brands includes Carnival Cruise Line, Fathom, Holland America Line, Princess… Read More