Create a Positive Long-Term Stock Market Mindset

Get your best investing results by adopting the right mindset and investing strategies that will lead you to profitable long-term investments.
When reading the investment and stock market news each day, it pays to take note of your mindset. This is a kind of mental filter… Read More

The best blue chip stocks are often the least talked about

The best blue chip stocks are often the least talked about

Investors may find it hard to believe that the best blue stocks can be the ones that are not yet popular.
Even the best blue chip stocks (or shares of larger-capitalization companies) can stumble. That’s especially true when they’re in what we call the broker/media limelight… Read More

What is Pat’s commentary for the week of May 6, 2014?

Our Successful Investor portfolio strategy has three key points:

Invest mainly in well-established companies;

Spread your investments out across the five main economic sectors;

Downplay or avoid stocks in the broker-media limelight.

The first two rules in the strategy come natural to many investors. In contrast, many investors find… Read More

Stock market news: Good quarter for General Mills

General Mills Inc., New York symbol GIS, is one of the world’s largest food makers. Its top brands include Big G (cereal), Green Giant (canned and frozen vegetables), Pillsbury (baking dough), Old El Paso (tacos) and Progresso (soups and sauces).

General Mills is one of the… Read More