25 investment terms every investor should know

25 investment terms every investor should know—from Aggressive Investing to Warren Buffett

If you’re an investor, you may not know all of the investment terms you come across. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common ones.

Aggressive Investing

Aggressive investing is a style… Read More

Bombardier’s CSeries jet finally airborne

BOMBARDIER INC. (Toronto symbols BBD.A and BBD.B; www.bombardier.com) is the world’s third-largest commercial aircraft maker, behind Boeing and Airbus. It is also the world’s leading passenger railcar manufacturer.

The company has just completed the first test flight of its new CSeries passenger jet. The test flight… Read More

Our stock trading advice on stop-loss orders

As stock markets have pulled back from their recent highs, you may have wondered about using stop-loss orders to protect your profits.

However, before you try this approach, you should keep in mind that stop-loss orders have a number of risks that can cost you… Read More

2 ways to place an order when stock market trading

When stock market trading, most investors place “market orders” or “limit orders.”

(We cover all the main aspects of stock market trading, including placing an order, in our free report, “Canadian Stock Market Basics: How to Trade Stocks and Make Good Investments in Canada.” Click… Read More