Here are 3 ways to gain from commodities

Commodity production is capital intensive with long development times. Producers face considerable costs to establish or replace mines, oilfields, and so on, or build processing, storage and transportation facilities. This means that the selling prices of their products can vary significantly from the time of… Read More

These minerals will power tomorrow’s cars

Automakers increasingly rely on lithium and rare-earth elements to make batteries for their electric vehicles (EVs). In 2017, share prices for producers of those minerals jumped on speculation EV sales will eventually lead to shortages (see Supplement, page 10).

Longer term, lithium and rare earth… Read More

Q: Hi Pat, I’m interested in investing in rare-earth metals. I’m wondering if you have any recommendations as well as an ETF to invest in. Thanks.

A: Rare-earth elements are used in a variety of modern devices and applications: catalytic converters and petroleum refining; magnets in small and large motors; glass additives and glass polishing compounds; rechargeable batteries; television and computer screens; lighting; X-ray machines; and lasers.

Rare-earth prices surged to a.. Read More