Avoid market timing

Here’s an Excerpt from a recent issue of Advice for Inner Circle Pro Members:
“The timing of downturns is largely random. There’s no dependable way of spotting them before they hit, so you have to rely on guesswork. If you sell and the market rises, it… Read More

These ETFs look beyond COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the global economy. Some businesses—like online retailers and video conferencing providers— have thrived. Many others have suffered, with their demand disappearing overnight. However, as businesses and consumers continue to adjust—and vaccines are distributed—these funds aim to strongly benefit from that… Read More

Urbanization should spur your future gains

Another “megatrend” offering investors strong potential for long-term growth is the rising number of people worldwide moving to urban centres. Here are three ETFs that focus on mining, infrastructure, cybersecurity and other industries set to profit from urbanization. A supplement on page 40 offers you… Read More