Potash Corp. & Agrium Inc. merger should pay off

Agrium Inc. has now completed its merger with Potash Corp. The new combined company, Nutrien, has benefited from higher commodity prices and better-than-expected cost cutting following the merger. This industry giant has also made strategic acquisitions to further spur its earnings.

The company has raised its… Read More

Finning’s strong heavy equipment sales back its 3.5% yield

Improved sales of equipment and services on three continents led to this company’s 15.4% revenue jump in the most-recent quarter.

Its latest dividend hike in June 2019 further adds to its appeal and supports its high 3.5% yield.

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FINNING INTERNATIONAL INC. (Toronto symbol FTT; www.finning.com) sells and… Read More

20 tips for successful investing in mining stocks

20 tips for successful investing in mining stocks

Profits from mining stocks were generally harder to come by in 2019, which makes following these 20 tips all the more important
We still believe most investors can consider investing in mining stocks as part of a diversified portfolio.

Mining stocks are investments in companies that produce or… Read More

Caterpillar dealers offer income—and growth

FINNING INTERNATIONAL INC. $22 (Toronto symbol FTT; Cyclical-Growth Payer Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares outstanding: 168.2 million; Market cap: $3.7 billion; Dividend yield: 3.7%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Above Average; www.finning.com) sells and services Caterpillar-brand heavy equipment in Western Canada, South America and the U.K.
Starting with the… Read More

Nutrien ends North African deal

Morocco mining accounts for about 21% of the country’s total exports. The country is a top producer of phosphates and more-modest volumes of gold, silver, zinc, copper and cobalt. Morocco’s mining industry operates under a well-established regulatory code that supports a stable operating environment. That… Read More

Drilling rebound will spur their gains

MAJOR DRILLING $4.90 (Toronto symbol MDI; TSINetwork Rating: Speculative) (1-866-264-3986; www.majordrilling.com; Shares outstanding: 80.3 million; Market cap: $393.5 million; No dividends paid) is a large contract driller that mainly serves the mining industry.
Major believes that mining activity continues to deplete the world’s more easily accessible mineral reserves. That… Read More

These 3 ETFs offer low-fee gold exposure

An improved U.S. economy and low unemployment led the U.S. Federal Reserve to raise interest rates three times in 2017 and twice so far this year. That dampens the risk of a falling U.S. dollar and much-stronger inflation. Typically, both of those factors are needed… Read More