Major is building on its 305% gain

MAJOR DRILLING, $9.16 (Toronto symbol MDI; TSINetwork Rating: Speculative) (; Shares o/s: 82.0 million; Market cap: $805.4 million; No divd.) is a large contract driller that mainly serves the mining industry.
Demand for Major Drilling’s specialized drilling services, especially from senior gold producers, is beginning to… Read More

Hello, Pat. I just joined your Inner Circle today. I’m looking forward to receiving great information to help me achieve my financial goals. I’d like to ask about two speculative stocks. One, Dynacor Gold, is familiar to me, however moving forward do you think this is a good time to start buying? The second, Zenabis Global, grows cannabis. What are your thoughts? Should I start accumulating shares? Thanks.

A: Dynacor Gold Mines, $1.75, symbol DNG on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 38.8 million; Market cap: $69.0 million;, is a dividend-paying junior gold company headquartered in Montreal.

The company is engaged in production through the processing of ore purchased from the artisanal and small-scale mining industry… Read More

Q: Hi, Pat. What do you think about Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.? It has bought some great assets from companies exiting Canada. Is it a good buy? Thanks.

A: Canadian Natural Resources, $40.63, symbol CNQ on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 1.2 billion; Market cap: $49.0 billion;, operates in Western Canada, where its 100%-owned Horizon Oil Sands Project is located; the North Sea; and off the coast of West Africa. Its overall product mix… Read More

Q: Hi, Pat. I would appreciate your thoughts on Etsy? Seems like an interesting business but at some risk of being dominated by Amazon. Is it worth an investment? Potential buyout target for Amazon? Thanks.

A: Etsy Inc., $50.00, symbol ETSY on Nasdaq (Shares outstanding: 120.2 million; Market cap: $6.1 billion;, provides an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of unique and creative goods. The company was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.

The platform generates… Read More