Q: Hello, Pat and team. Could I get your opinion on Premium Brands Holdings? Thank you.

A: Premium Brands Holdings Corp., $94.18, symbol PBH on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 37.4 million; Market cap: $3.5 billion; www.premiumbrandsholdings.com), is a specialty-food manufacturing and distribution company based in Richmond, B.C.

The company operates through two businesses:

Specialty Foods supplies 67% of Premium Brands’ revenue and mainly serves… Read More

Q: Pat, I would appreciate your comments on lithium stock Nemaska Lithium (NMX). Thank you.

A: Nemaska Lithium, $0.15, symbol NMX on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 847.6 million; Market cap: $131.4 million; www.nemaskalithium.com), is developing a lithium mining and processing operation in Quebec.

Lithium is used in household batteries, glass and ceramics, lubricants, refrigeration, pharmaceuticals, polymers and aluminum production. But the metal… Read More

Q: Hi Pat, I’m interested in investing in rare-earth metals. I’m wondering if you have any recommendations as well as an ETF to invest in. Thanks.

A: Rare-earth elements are used in a variety of modern devices and applications: catalytic converters and petroleum refining; magnets in small and large motors; glass additives and glass polishing compounds; rechargeable batteries; television and computer screens; lighting; X-ray machines; and lasers.

Rare-earth prices surged to a.. Read More