ETF holds cannabis growers—and more

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Marijuana Producer

It remains difficult to say which marijuana growers will prosper the most with legalization. More certain is that overall demand for cannabis will continue to expand. One way for investors to cut… Read More

The Bottom-Up Investing Approach is better than Top-Down Investing

The Bottom-Up Investing Approach is better than Top-Down Investing

Investors practicing bottom-up investing focus on a company’s fundamentals, and not predictions of what may happen in an industry or the economy
We think that most investors are far better off with “bottom-up investing” as opposed to “top-down investing.” Bottom-up is where you look closely at… Read More

Q: Hi Pat: I would value your opinion on Glaukos Corporation, which makes an effective treatment for glaucoma. I have had one eye successfully treated and am waiting to have the other one done. There are hundreds of thousands of victims of this disease in the world, and no other treatment is as effective. Please comment. Kind regards.

A: Glaukos Corporation, $41.61, symbol GKOS on NYSE (Shares outstanding: 34.9 million; Market cap: $1.4 billion;, develops and markets medical devices and therapies to treat glaucoma. That disease is the result of excessive pressure on the eye’s optic nerve; it’s also the leading cause… Read More