Q: Hi, Pat. I am a longtime Inner Circle member and I would like your opinion on two Vanguard consumer ETFs—VDC and VCR. Thanks.

A: Vanguard Consumer Discretionary ETF, $159.56, symbol VCR on New York, aims to track the MSCI US IMI Consumer Discretionary 25/50 Index. That index follows U.S. consumer discretionary companies. Those firms, in the manufacturing and service industries, are highly sensitive to economic cycles. The manufacturing… Read More

These U.S. consumers offer steady dividends

PROCTER & GAMBLE CO. $89 (New York symbol PG; Income-Growth Portfolio, Consumer sector; Shares outstanding: 2.6 billion; Market cap: $231.4 billion; Dividend yield: 3.2%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Highest; www.pg.com) is one of the world’s largest makers of household and personal-care goods.
Starting with the May 2018 payment, Procter raised… Read More

PepsiCo taps healthy-food demand

PEPSICO INC. $112 (Nasdaq symbol PEP; Conservative Growth Portfolio, Consumer sector; Shares o/s: 1.4 billion; Market cap: $156.8 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 2.5; Dividend yield: 3.3%; TSINetwork Rating: Above Average; www.pepsico.com) will now buy SodaStream International Inc. (Nasdaq symbol SODA) for $3.2 billion. Based in Israel, that firm… Read More