Q: Hi, Pat. I’ve been with you awhile. I’m a buy-and-hold investor with mainly dividend-growing blue chips. However, PFB Corp intrigues me. Do you think it may be a lucrative long-term hold? All the best.

A: PFB Corp., $9.13, symbol PFB on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 6.7 million; Market cap: $61.3 million; www.pfbcorp.com), makes building insulation products that are sold across North America. Canada accounts for two-thirds of its sales.
The company sells those products under a number of brand names:
1) Plasti-Fab… Read More

Hi, Pat. I have a 15% weighting in real estate investment trusts, with 9% in these three industrial REITs: WPT Industrial REIT, Dream Industrial REIT and Pure Industrial REIT. Can you please comment on industrial REITs in general and these three specifically? Thanks.

We haven’t found any industrial REITs we recommend as buys, but some are okay to hold as part of a well-balanced portfolio. Here’s a look at the three you asked about:

WPT Industrial REIT, $10.80, symbol WIR.U on Toronto (Units outstanding: 29.4 million; Market cap: $317.5… Read More