Pat: Could I have your advice on Syngenta? Thanks.

Syngenta AG, $51.89, symbol SYT on New York (ADR) (Shares outstanding: 473 million; Market cap: $24.5 billion), was created by the merger of Novartis Agribusiness and Zeneca Agrochemicals in November 2000.

Syngenta is a Switzerland-based firm that makes agricultural chemicals. It specializes in herbicides, fungicides… Read More

What do you think of Afexa Life Sciences, makers of Cold-fX? With people taking more precautions due to H1N1, this immune system booster seems to be selling very well. Would you recommend this stock? Best regards.

Afexa Life Sciences, $0.75, symbol FXA on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 104.9 million; Market cap: $78.7 million), changed its name from CV Technologies in April 2009. The company identifies and extracts the active ingredients found in some plants and uses them in its line of natural… Read More

I hold a stock in my RRSP that has declined significantly in the last year and was wondering if I should sell it or if there is any hope it may recover. The stock is Neptune Technologies.

Neptune Technologies and Bioressources Inc., $0.83, symbol NTB on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 37.4 million; Market cap: $31.1 million), has developed a proprietary process it calls OceanExtract, which extracts and processes oil from krill. (Krill are shrimp-like deepwater invertebrates that range in length from half an… Read More