Q: Hi, Pat. My question relates to the Horizons Active Preferred Share ETF. Compared to holding the preferred shares of individual companies, does an ETF like this provide any advantages? Is this the best one to buy if you want to buy such an ETF? Thanks!

A: Preferred shares behave more like long-term fixed-income instruments rather than short-term instruments. So, while short-term interest rates are still relatively low, the outlook for long-term interest rates is less certain.

The underlying credit quality of preferred share issuers can be a negative factor in some… Read More

These two are shifting to better businesses

Both of these information providers are shifting their focus to more-promising businesses. That bodes well for their future earnings, which should also support their dividends.
THOMSON REUTERS CORP. $108 remains a buy. The company (Toronto symbol TRI; Conservative Growth Portfolio, Consumer sector; Shares o/s: 495.7 million; Market cap:… Read More

Let these stock updates help direct you

THYSSENKRUPP AG (ADR) $7.52 is okay to hold, but only for aggressive investors. The company (U.S. over-the-counter bulletin board symbol TKAMY; Shares outstanding: 622.5 million; Market cap: $4.7 billion; Dividend suspended in 2020; Takeover Target Rating: Medium; www.thyssenkrupp.com) is a German industrial conglomerate with operations that manufacture steel, automotive… Read More

These stock updates will help direct you

TORSTAR CORP. $0.74 is a hold. The company (Toronto symbol TS.B; Consumer sector; Shares outstanding: 81.4 million; Market cap: $60.2 million; Takeover Target Rating: Highest; No dividend paid; www.torstar.com) publishes The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest daily newspaper by circulation. Its other daily and weekly papers are spread across Ontario… Read More