Activists offers clues not certainty

Hedge funds often act as activist investors, and some have successfully pushed companies to make moves that increase shareholder returns. For example, Elliott Management, led by Paul Singer, is now one of the world’s largest activist funds with $35 billion in assets under management.
Elliott, and… Read More

Rising dividend offsets a modest yield

Broadridge’s rising revenue and earnings give it lots for room to keep increasing its dividend. With its higher share price, the current dividend yields a modest 1.4%.
Until April 2007, the company was a subsidiary of Automatic Data Processing (ADP) . That’s when ADP set it… Read More

U.S. activist investor has plans for Canada’s Open Text

U.S. activist investor has plans for Canada’s Open Text

A Member of Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle recently asked for his opinion on a Canadian software specialist that has attracted an activist investor from the U.S.

Open Text has a broad international market for its software, but the activist investor aims to raise the company’s… Read More