Power Growth Investor Hotline – Friday, May 5, 2023

BROADRIDGE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS INC., $152.87, is a buy. The company, symbol BR on New York, serves the investment industry in three main areas: investor communications, securities processing, and transaction clearing.

Broadridge is best known for processing and distributing proxies and regulatory filings for nearly every publicly traded U.S…. Read More

Get fintech exposure with much less risk

In our view, the recent bankruptcy of cryptocurrency exchange operator FTX Trading highlights the dangers of investing in potentially disruptive fintech (the combination of financial services and technology services). We prefer these three well-established fintechs, which have innovative products and a long history of rising… Read More

Your niche financials have gains ahead

ACI Worldwide and Broadridge both have winning business models in expanding markets. We believe that will lead to strong growth in future years. Both are buys.
ACI WORLDWIDE, $26.38, is a buy. The firm (Nasdaq symbol ACIW; TSINetwork Rating: Extra Risk) (Shares o/s: 114.0 million; Market cap: $3.0… Read More

Activist pressure will get them on track

These two entertainment firms have struggled lately despite the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and the reopening of their theme parks. Those struggles have prompted activist investors to demand changes at both companies. Still, we believe Disney, with its greater array of businesses and entertainment content,… Read More

Q: Pat, you mentioned in the Inner Circle recently that TSI recommends a handful of ADRs (American Depository Receipts) providing exposure to European and Japanese stocks. One question: What are the fees charged to investors by U.S.-listed ADRs? Thanks.

A: An American Depositary Receipt, or ADR, is a U.S. traded proxy for a foreign stock and represents a specified number of shares in that foreign corporation.

ADRs are bought and sold on U.S. stock markets, just like regular stocks, and are issued or sponsored in… Read More