Barrick gains in uncertain times

Barrick Gold offers you a great way to prosper from any rise in gold prices because of the war in Ukraine and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. If inflation keeps rising these next few years (a clear possibility), gold stocks will attract new interest to keep… Read More

This gold tilts the odds in your favour

Right now, top gold stocks like Barrick offer you a classic heads-you-win-tails-you-break-even kind of opportunity. Under the heads scenario, you should make an attractive return over the next five or 10 years; under the tails scenario, you should make an even more attractive return. This… Read More

Profit on world beer sales growth

Beer demand has slowed in Canada and other developed countries, due to high unemployment and the weak economic recovery. However, sales are growing strongly in emerging markets, where rising prosperity is making beer more affordable.

Molson Coors is well-positioned to profit from this trend. The company… Read More

Nortel Networks Corp. $7.26 – Toronto symbol NT

NORTEL NETWORKS CORP. $7.26 (Toronto symbol NT; Aggressive Growth Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares outstanding: 437.2 million; Market cap: $3.2 billion; SI Rating: Speculative) is one of the world’s largest makers of telecommunications equipment. The company sells its products mainly to telephone companies, cable… Read More

Cut Your Risk With These Tech Stocks

Technology companies operate in a highly competitive and cyclical industry, so they must continue to invest heavily in research and marketing. We aim to cut tech stock risk by focusing on companies with distinct competitive advantages, such as proprietary technology, broad geographic reach and a.. Read More