Challenges ahead for this riskier Brazil ETF

Brazil is one of the top 10 global economies, and is richly endowed with a range of basic commodities. Still, the country currently faces significant challenges.
Elevated inflation—amid supply disruptions—has driven up prices for food and other goods. As well, energy costs are up as the… Read More

Six ETFs for your global-investing safety

All of the major global stock markets fell at the outbreak of COVID-19. But many top markets have since rebounded. We think the outlook remains positive for quality stocks, and one way to profit from that—while cutting your risk—is to invest in top ETFs.
Here’s a.. Read More

China has short-term risks, long-term potential

The Chinese economy offers investors considerable long-term promise—although it faces challenges in the near term. Foremost among them is that economic activity could slow this year as the Omicron variant forces entire cities to lock down under China’s zero-COVID policy. Potential defaults by highly indebted… Read More

Q: Hi. I’m in my late sixties and am 100% invested in equities, with a heavier emphasis on Canadian stocks. I have some positions that I feel could be improved and am wondering about CK Hutchison Holdings, CKHUY? Thanks.

A: CK Hutchison Holdings (ADR), $6.68, symbol CKHUY on the U.S. Over-the-Counter market (ADRs outstanding: 3.8 billion; Market cap: $25.8 billion;, is a Hong Kong-based conglomerate operating five different businesses: Retail (39% of sales), Telecom (24%), Finance & Investments (15%), Infrastructure (13%), and Ports &… Read More