TD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY FUND $83.10 (CWA Rating: Aggressive) (TD Asset Management, Canada Trust Tower

161 Bay Street, 35th Floor, Toronto, ON M5J 2T2;1-800-386-3757; Web site: No load — deal directly with the company) invests mostly in U.S. firms engaged in the research, development, production or distribution of products… Read More

Q: Pat: Could you please give me your opinion on two American closed-end funds: Liberty All-Star Equity Fund and AllianzGI Equity & Convertible Income Fund? The yields are great on each fund and you are getting their holdings at a discount. Thank you in advance.

A: Liberty All-Star Equity Fund, $5.22, symbol USA on New York (Units outstanding: 186.8 million; Market cap: $975.1 million;, is a closed-end fund that aims to combine the stock recommendations of three value-style and two growth-style investment managers.
The fund started up on October 31,… Read More

Hi Pat: I am wondering if you can give me some advice about whether (CRM) on New York is a stock to buy?

A: Inc., $81.42, symbol CRM on New York (Shares outstanding: 677.5 million; Market cap: $55.0 billion, makes customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses organize and share information about their sales, customer service and marketing activities.

The company first sold shares to the… Read More