We don’t recommend this Goldman Sachs ETF

We don’t recommend this Goldman Sachs ETF

A Member of Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle recently asked for his advice on a fund that bases its decisions on regular polling of the American public’s opinions of ESG business behaviour.

Pat likes the low MER but questions the value of its way of choosing investment… Read More

Sustainability zeroes in on your top concerns

Sustainable Investing (“SI”) is the practice of including environmental, social and governance factors in investment decisions. It aims to combine lower risk holdings with improved portfolio returns, and to reflect sustainability in its investment strategy. At the same time, it uses traditional financial analysis and… Read More

Ethical investing isn’t a clear win for investors

Sustainable investing—or what used to be called ethical investing—offers some investors a lot of conceptual and emotional appeal. But does investing in those kind of stocks hurt your portfolio returns?
First, it needs to be said that investment practices and results vary widely among ETFs funds… Read More