Revenue jumped 24.3% for Stantec Inc.

Revenue jumped 24.3% for Stantec Inc.

The firm’s regular string of new contracts and acquisitions should keep earnings and dividend payouts growing, as high-profile wins keep its name in front of potential new clients.

Existing operations still saw their revenue rise 11.0%, suggesting the core business is solid and expanding organically.

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Stantec remains the better choice

These two engineering firms continue to win new public works contracts. However, we prefer Stantec for your new buying as SNC’s shares will likely stay in a narrow range while it winds down its less-profitable legacy projects.
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Stantec’s earnings just jumped 33.9%

Stantec’s earnings just jumped 33.9%

Improved sales derived from past acquisitions helped generate a 22.9% revenue gain for this company during the most-recent quarter.

New contract wins should continue to add to the bottom line. Meanwhile, the stock trades at 21.0 times the company’s 2022 earnings forecast.

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STANTEC INC. (Toronto symbol STN;… Read More