Q: Hi, Pat. I am a longtime Inner Circle member and I would like your opinion on two Vanguard consumer ETFs—VDC and VCR. Thanks.

A: Vanguard Consumer Discretionary ETF, $159.56, symbol VCR on New York, aims to track the MSCI US IMI Consumer Discretionary 25/50 Index. That index follows U.S. consumer discretionary companies. Those firms, in the manufacturing and service industries, are highly sensitive to economic cycles. The manufacturing… Read More

Q: Pat: What do you think about Second Cup, in general, and also its plan to convert some of its stores to selling marijuana? Thank you.

A: Second Cup Ltd., $2.70, Toronto symbol SCU (Shares outstanding: 19.9 million; Market cap: $53.8 million; www.secondcup.com) operates 275 specialty coffee cafes across Canada, of which 20 are company-owned and the remainder are operated by franchisees.

Although the company’s total stores fell from 356 in 2013… Read More

QSR turns to a Canadian

RESTAURANT BRANDS INTERNATIONAL $59.76 (New York symbol QSR; TSINetwork Rating: Average) (905-845-6511; www.rbi.com; Shares outstanding: 478.0 million; Market cap: $28.6 billion; Dividend yield: 3.0%) recently launched an all-day breakfast menu at Tim Hortons. That should help it compete with McDonald’s and Starbucks.
Meanwhile, Restaurant Brands has named Canadian Duncan… Read More