U.S.A. stock market: H&R Block earnings rise in fiscal 2011

H&R Block, symbol HRB on New York, is the world’s largest provider of income-tax-preparation services.

The company is one of the investments we analyze in Wall Street Stock Forecaster, our newsletter for U.S.A. stock market investing.

In its 2011 fiscal year, which ended April 30, 2011,… Read More

Stock market investments: Baxter reports higher sales and earnings

Baxter International Inc., New York symbol BAX, has two divisions: Medical Products (57% of sales) makes intravenous pumps, syringes and kidney-dialysis equipment; and BioScience (43%) makes vaccines and drugs.

Overseas markets account for 60% of its sales. As well, about half of Baxter’s sales are single-use… Read More