How Do Stock Market Prices Change? Two Reasons to Know

How do stock market prices change? The two most common reasons are surprisingly random
For many investors there’s no greater mystery than why stock market prices change.

A vast number of factors can affect the price of any stock you buy. That’s why investors have a natural… Read More

Investing in gold: Prices could go higher

Gold has been attracting investor interest because it recently broke out of the $930 to $960 U.S. range that it had been trading in and climbed over $1,000.

The last time gold was over $1,000 was last March. In November, it dropped to $700 as… Read More


STATE STREET CORP. $53 (New York symbol STT; Aggressive Growth Portfolio, Finance sector; Shares outstanding: 494.5 million; Market cap: $26.2 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 2.8; WSSF Rating: Extra Risk) set aside $625 million in 2007 to settle lawsuits related to the company’s dealings in illiquid securities… Read More

Stock market prices: Stalking a bottom

The Dow’s recent plunge may be the climax of a panic reaction that assumed the absolute worst for the economy.

If governments around the world were doing nothing to counter the credit crisis — or, worse, doing all the wrong things as governments did in the… Read More