Be wary of the difference between growth and momentum stocks

To profit from growth stocks, you need to pick stocks with clear growth prospects and not simply momentum stocks with uncertain futures
By definition, growth stocks are companies that have above-average growth prospects. They are firms whose earnings growth has been above the market average, and… Read More

Leon’s cross-country reach is a big plus

Furniture and appliance retailing is a high-profit-margin business, but it’s tied to housing sales as well as consumer confidence. Both can vary from province to province. Right now Leon’s diversification across Canada cuts its risk compared to Quebec-focused BMTC. Here’s a look at both stocks:

LEON’S… Read More

The hidden dangers of online trading

The hidden dangers of online trading

It doesn’t get as much play in the media as it did a decade ago, but even in the volatile market of 2019, online trading carries hidden dangers that aren’t always evident at first.
The main risk comes from the fact that online trading may seem deceptively easy. The… Read More