Stock trading tips: Strong competition hurts La-Z-Boy’s earnings

La-Z-Boy (symbol LZB on New York) makes upholstered reclining chairs and sofas. It also imports wooden furniture, such as tables and entertainment centres. The company sells its products through both large department stores and 304 La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery stores. The company owns 83 of these… Read More

3 common mistakes to avoid when investing money in the stock market

Here are three easy-to-avoid errors that most investors make when investing money in the stock market. All three can seriously hinder your portfolio’s long-term results.

1. Taking an overly optimistic view of speculative investments: Some investors generally put too high a value on speculative ventures. They… Read More

3 ways to spot the best stocks for long-term gains

We’ve long relied on these three tips to find the best stocks to recommend in our investment services and newsletters, including our flagship advisory, The Successful Investor. We think they can help you pick winners, too.

1. Some of the best stocks have hidden assets: By… Read More