5 top Canadian dividend stocks to invest in

5 top Canadian dividend stocks to invest in

Here are 5 Canadian dividend stocks we recommend holding in your portfolio during and after COVID-19
One of the key points in our three-part investment advice is to invest mainly in well-established dividend-paying stocks. The COVID-19 pandemic and the downturn it spurred in March 2020 highlights… Read More

Characteristics of Growth Stocks for Successful Investing

Discover 11 key characteristics of growth stocks worth investing in and learn also what to avoid
We generally feel that most investors should hold the bulk of their investment portfolios in securities from well-established companies. This generally means holding a total of 10 to 20 well-established,… Read More

The ins and outs of how to find penny stocks worth investing in

Strategies on how to find penny stocks should focus on pinpointing speculative stocks that above all have real value—and aren’t just promotions
A penny stock typically trades for under $5 per share, and as the name implies, sometimes for pennies. Most of the time they’re young… Read More

Value Stocks: Revenue jumps for Calian Technologies

Revenue for both divisions of Calian Technologies jumped in the last quarter. The timing of new and recurring business from existing clients will help to sustain the stock’s high dividend yield.

CALIAN TECHNOLOGIES (Toronto symbol CTY; www.calian.com) has two main divisions: … Read More

Canadian railway stocks worth investing in

Canadian railway stocks worth investing in.
Canadian Pacific Railway, Toronto Symbol CP,  is one of our long-time favourites. However, we also have a very high opinion of its larger rival, Canadian National Railway—one of North America’s most efficient railways, Toronto symbol CNR.
Canadian… Read More