What are blue chip companies?

What are blue chip companies?

A blue chip company definition and some examples of blue chip companies we recommend
You may be surprised to find out that the root of the term “blue chip” stems from the game of poker, as the blue chips represent the highest value. At TSI Network,… Read More

Five North American ETF buys and one sell

The six ETFs we update below mainly hold high-quality stocks that are widely traded on Canadian and U.S. exchanges. Each fund tracks the performance of a major stock market index. That’s different from ETFs focused on narrower indexes or themes such as cryptocurrencies or biotechnology.
Of… Read More

Here’s a top conservative ETF buy

ISHARES S&P/TSX 60 INDEX ETF $22.97 (Toronto symbol XIU; TSINetwork ETF Rating: Conservative; Market cap: $8.6 billion) is a low-fee way to buy the top Canadian listed stocks. Specifically, the ETF holds stocks that represent the S&P/TSX 60 Index—the largest, most heavily traded equities on the TSX.
The… Read More

Integrated producers cut your risk

When choosing oil stocks to invest in, we recommend income-seeking investors stick with big integrated producers like Suncor Energy and Imperial Oil.
Integrated producers have “upstream” oil and gas exploration and production assets, as well as “downstream” refining and marketing operations.
Refineries transform crude oil into useful… Read More