Q: Pat, may I have your thoughts on PrairieSky Royalty? Yes, I know the current price is below $10.00, but that is one of the things that interests me. Thanks.

A: PrairieSky Royalty Ltd., $9.63, symbol PSK on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 232.6 million; Market cap: $2.2 billion; www.prairiesky.com), owns oil and natural gas rights on 7.8 million acres in Western Canada. It does not drill wells or explore for new reserves. Instead, it collects royalties… Read More

Two Canadian ETFs hold most of Canada’s best stocks

Two Canadian ETFs hold most of Canada’s best stocks

Today, we look at two Canadian ETFs that hold many of the Canadian stocks we recommend for 2020. iShares S&P/TSX 60 Index ETF and iShares Canada Select Dividend Index ETF mirror, respectively, sub-indexes holding the 60 most-heavily trades stocks and 30 of the highest-yielding dividend stocks… Read More

Strong balance sheet cuts your risk

IMPERIAL OIL LTD. $18 is still a buy for the Resources sector of your portfolio. The integrated oil producer (Toronto symbol IMO; Conservative Growth and Income Portfolios; Shares outstanding: 743.9 million; Market cap: $13.4 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 0.4; Dividend yield: 4.9%; TSINetwork Rating: Average; www.imperialoil.ca) is cutting its… Read More