Hedge your bets in the technology industry

The technology industry can be extremely profitable—for those companies that get it right. However, the industry is dynamic and highly competitive, leaving a graveyard full of failed startups and once successful companies that were overtaken by competitors. Investors in this segment need to be extremely… Read More

ETF performance is mixed

Investors holding energy and information technology ETFs have so far done well this year. Some of the top-performing ETFs for 2018 hold direct exposure to oil, such as the United States Oil Fund (New York symbol USO). It has gained 25.4%. Unfortunately, Canadian producers have… Read More

Pat: What is your opinion on the Vanguard Information Technology ETF?

Vanguard Information Technology ETF, $92.36, symbol VGT on New York (Shares outstanding: 54.8 million; Market cap: $5.1 billion; personal.vanguard.com), aims to track the MSCI U.S. Investable Market Information Technology Index, which mainly consists of large U.S. companies in the IT area. The fund’s MER is… Read More